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Duke kerkuar per nje video chat falas HTML5 ?

Best webcam chat script

First chat To be Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari. Iphone AND Android compatible

Provoni Chat me kamer dhe mikrofon ne HTML5 falas: ne 1 klikim merrni vete !.
We have the most complete video chat for your website, done in html5 and easy to integrate.

You choose Between Flash and WBERTC technology for streaming.
Html5 chat includes now real time Webrtc multi chat

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Try html5 webrtc chat Get your html5 chat

Webcam video chat totally customized and free.

Get your own HTML5 video chat for your website or your blog.

Moderate it and customize it as you want
Get the free WordPress HTML5 plugin
Easy to integrate, easy to admin
Includes live webcam streaming
Mesazhe private ose publike
Tabbed or windowed style
Webcam and chat on invitation
Active accounts: 5296
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Here are some features of our video webcam chat:

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